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The European Organ Festival, Kremnica Castle Organ, is the largest and most significant organ event within the Slovak Republic. The place of the festival is the church of St Catherine, a part of the Town Castle in Kremnica. There is installed concert organ by Rieger-Kloss of 1992. Thanks to its disposition of ca 3,500 pipes and 46 stops, the instrument belongs to the most modern within Slovakia. There are possible interpretations of the most demanding works.
Renata Košťálová, M.A. - Stanislav Kowalski, M.A.
the authors of the festival
Kremnica is one of the oldest cities in Slovakia and has an exceptionally rich history, especially in mining of gold and minting of coins and medals. With this domains are also bond cultural traditions of various nationalities ever participated in the town’s history.

The European Organ Festival won the favour of its partners, audience as well as mass-media. It is the best evidence that the first idea of its founders, to create the festival with the highest artistic level, has been right. Among the festival’s criteria we can mention choosing of artists without any regional limits, or strict selection of organ music. That are bases of periodical project, the Kremnica Castle Organ, and by acute listener are received as an integral part of international activities in the art of the organ.

Besides the quality of the organ instrument and festival’s dramaturgy, another precondition for success of the event is the extraordinary acoustic of space of the late-Gothic Castle Church. The space and the organ form a combination, which is rare in Slovakia elsewhere.

European Organ Festival Kremnica Castle Organ give preference to modern view to the organ interpretation. Presented are by important artists and winners of prestigious competitions from 24 countries, and thanks to that and the creativity of the way, it became the real centre of the organ art in Slovakia.
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